Multifunction Printers

Should You Lease or Purchase a Multifunction Printer?

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The use of multifunction printers in the office is almost constant for many businesses. Virtually every employee will eventually need to print important documents, send out a fax or making copies of something. Before that new printer takes up residence in the office, however, it's important to think about whether it would be better for your business to lease the printer or purchase it.

Why Your Business Still Needs a Printer

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The many ways that digital documents can be used may make some people wonder whether their offices still need printers. However, having printers opens up a world of possibilities that no company should close. Having printers in the office saves money, saves time and makes a wide range of marketing possible.

Ways a Multifunction Printer Will Boost Business


If you're relying on an old-school printer or simply on a copier, you aren't getting the most that you could from your office machines. With a multifunction printer in the office, you can get much more from this machine than just one or two functions.

Print Needs to Consider When Purchasing New Office Equipment

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Today's printers do more than they ever have before, and offices can benefit from getting printers that do many different tasks. This saves an office an enormous amount on expenses like binding and collating. With multifunction printers, you can even get models that take on the jobs you used to need other office machines to do.

5 Ways Your Multifunction Printers Could Pose a Security Risk

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Are your multifunction printers secure? While you're busy making sure your network and computers are secure, hackers could be infiltrating both through your printers.

Here's a look at some common issues that could allow unauthorized users into your systems via your multifunction printers.

Are Your Multifunction Printers Secure?

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Does your security plan include protecting your multifunction printers? These sophisticated devices transmit and store information, and they're a part of your network. Neglecting to secure them can put your data at risk, but there are simple solutions available to address the issue. Here's a look at a few you can implement without difficulty.

Access Control

Restricting access to your multifunction printers is essential. Common security protocols include:

Is It Time to Upgrade to Multifunction-Style Performance?


Multifunction printers are the workhorse of the modern office. If you've been searching for new ways to increase productivity and save money, a multifunction printer is your fastest route to accomplishing both goals at once. Here's a look at why you'll want to upgrade to MFP-style performance soon.

3 Ways to Protect Your Multifunction Printers from Hackers

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Do the cybersecurity strategies for your business include your multifunction printers? Printers may not be top of mind when security issues are on the table, but they should be. You process and store business data with your multifunction printers every day, and they're connected to your network, making them very high-value targets for hackers.

4 Ways to Make Your Multifunction Printers Live Longer

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Since about the mid-1990s, multifunction printers have become a very important part of office life. Starting with copiers that had print boards and fax boards to systems that were designed from the ground up to have multiple functions, office life would be nearly impossible today without these devices.

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